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Slovenia Pakistan Business Club


The Slovenia Pakistan Business club was founded in 2012. Since then it has been engaged in becoming a Central instrument for the promotion and expansion of bilateral economic relations between Slovenia and Pakistan.



The Honorary Consulate General is entrusted with the tasks of:

  • Promoting all-round cooperation between Slovenia and Pakistan
  • Expanding links between Slovenia and Pakistan in the fields of commerce, tourism, culture, science, education and sport
  • Taking care of public relations and normal consular tasks providing assistance to Slovenian citizens in Pakistan.

With members across Pakistan from different business sectors,


Board of Directors/Members


Ali J. Mufti

Patron in Chief Consul General of Republic of Slovenia

B.A (Hons) (Law & Business) London


Mr. Rumman Faruqi

Pending (under Election)
M.Phil (Cantab)
From Advisor, Mid East & Pakistan
in World Bank (Washington, D.C)


Mr. Zafar Hilaly

Former Ambassador to Italy –Slovenia
Former Secretary to Prime Ministry Pakistan(Benazir Bhutto)



Dr. Adil Sultan Mufti

Phd (London), MA (London)
Former Managing Director General Tyre Pakistan

Mr Janez Jelnikar

Director Oversea Business Operations
Honorary Consul of Pakistan in Slovenia


Membership in the Slovenia Pakistan Business Club is an advantage in many respects. Become a member and automatically become part of a network of Pakistani and Slovenia companies and thereby get a competitive advantage. Through continuous networking and active exchange of information at exclusive SPBC events you stay in contact with existing and potential partners..

Benefits of Membership

  • Networking with the Business Communities of Pakistan and Slovenia
  • Awareness on technology and project developments
  • Expertise in different fields of industries
  • Preference access to professional service providers in different field of services
  • Outreach to dedicated potential customers for business offerings and ideas
  • Online knowledge facilities in different fields of technology and business
  • Knowledge on the Slovenia and European Market facilities and procedures
  • Recognition by the social-, political and business communities in Pakistan and Slovenia
  • Access to CEO’s and politicians of Slovenia and Pakistan.


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Hunting in Slovenia

The field of hunting at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment is managed by the Hunting and Fisheries Sector within the Directorate for Forestry, Hunting and Fisheries.

Main focuses of the Sector for Hunting and Fisheries:

  • establishment and adoption of rules regarding game management;
  • adoption of a long-term plan for a hunting management region and an annual plan of a hunting management region;
  • awarding awareness and control of the implementation of concession contracts with hunting societies;
  • giving orders for exceptional interventions in game population out of hunting seasons and in non-hunting areas;

execution of a system of paying compensations to injured parties for damage caused by game in non-hunting areas.

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The field of fisheries in Slovenia and its legislation and management is carried out by the Hunting and Fisheries Sector at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment.

Fishery is an industry which encompasses fishing, aquaculture, and processing and marketing of fish and fishery products. Fishing includes sea fishing which can be commercial or non-commercial and inland waters fishing. Aquaculture is breeding aquaculture organisms and includes breeding of fresh water organisms as well as the salt water ones (mariculture). Processing and marketing are part of the fishery activities which bestow an additional value to fish and fishery products and ensure qualitative products for consumers.

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Industries of Slovenia

Slovenia’s value proposition as a location for FDI

Since the late 1970s when the first foreign investors came to Slovenia, the skill base remains the country’s key attraction as an inward investment location. Skilled labour is available to a range of industries making Slovenia an easy location for investors to fill talent. Other advantages include adaptability of companies and of workforce, business legislation, investment incentives, 19 % corporate income tax rate and investment tax

Foreign investors’ perception of Slovenia as a host for FDI is improving as gross value added per employee keeps increasing against a backdrop of the decreasing number of employees over the past few years. Manufacturing companies lead the way in generating the highest gross value added and among them large companies account for more gross value added than all other companies put together.

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