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Getting there

Slovenia lies in central Europe, and borders Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. It is just a few hours’ travel from Venice or Vienna. Slovenia is easy to reach from neighboring countries, with good road and rail links, and daily flights from numerous European cities. As a maritime nation, Slovenia can also be reached by sea.

Some basic information on how to get to Slovenia by the different means of transport is provided below. For a more detailed description, click here.

By car

The majority of drivers enter Slovenia by motorway. To drive on motorways in Slovenia you must have a vignette, or face heavy fines. The basic cross-shaped motorway network in the country is almost complete, with only a short section of the Dolenjska road yet to be built.

Local roads are the most picturesque and interesting routes around the country, and provide the best opportunity to get to know its natural beauty and its sights. The journey planner makes it easier to find the right roads.

Road safety regulations require the use of dipped lights at all times when driving, even during the day, while the maximum allowable blood alcohol level is 0.5 parts per thousand. Breath tests are frequent, so it is perhaps better to avoid drinking and driving altogether.

There are 24-hour service stations and petrol stations approximately every 30 km on the motorways. Petrol stations are also common in the cities and in smaller towns.

In case of breakdown on the road, the AMZS will be happy to assist. Call 1987.

Cars can be rented at specialist agencies in cities and airports. Fleets include various categories of vehicles.

By bus and train

Buses and trains to Slovenia run every day from numerous European cities. It is also possible to arrive by sleeping car.

By air

There are daily flights from Slovenia’s main international gateway, Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, to a number of European cities, including flights operated by two low-cost airlines, EasyJet and Brussels Airlines, which fly to London and Brussels. Adria Airways, Slovenia’s sole carrier, has the most flights to Ljubljana.

By sea

You can reach Slovenia from neighbouring Italy and Croatia by fast passenger catamaran or hydrofoil. Between May and October powerboats operate frequent routes from Venice, Trieste, Poreč and Rovinj. Cruise ships occasionally dock at Koper. Izola, Koper and Portorož have fully equipped marinas where boats can moor.

Vessels from foreign ports may only land at the ports of entry in Koper and Piran (and Izola in the summer season). This also applies to people arriving in Slovenia in sailing vessels, motor boats or yachts.

Source: Slovenian Tourist Board